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Friday, 3 March 2017

Alpha Bed Medical air mattress for bedsores / pressure ulcers

Alpha Bed Medical air mattress for decubitus pressure ulcers / bed sores treatment
OASIS 2000 is one of the most economical choices in low air loss alternating pressure mattress overlay systems. This product is more popularly called ALPHA BED or ALFA BED.  The OASIS pump is designed for easy set-up and quiet operations. The bubble pad structure provides effective treatment by allowing more variation and distribution of pressure areas beneath the patient, compared to row-by-row pads.

Features / Benefits

  • Therapy for Stage I pressure ulcers.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 100 Kg.
  • Patented air chamber with ultra-quiet operation.
  • Adjustable comfort range with easy operating control knob.
  • Adjustable hangers to suit any kind of hospital bed frames.
  • Medical grade PVC is treated with fire retardant
  • Though ALPHABED / ALFABED is a brand name of a company, it has become more of a generic name than brand name.
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  1. This style of bedding helps prevent bedsores for patients. When patients are confined to bed or have limited mobility getting around, a proper hospital bed can make a world of difference.
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